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Content Layout

The basic content of a fiction novel is divided into three sections the front matter, the body, and the back matter. The following is a detailed list of each section as well as the information that should or can be included within.


Front Matter – Front matter consist of the following pages, note that the front matter should not have any header, footer or folio


  • Title page. – The title page should include the Title, Author and Publisher information
  • Copyright information. – The copyright page should include the Copyright symbol, name of copyright holder and the year the book was copywritten. You should also include any ‘this work is fiction’ statement, publisher and print information. For an example of a copyright page please see any of my predesigned templates.
  • Dedication / Acknowledgements
  • Other books by author or blank.
  • Table of contents (optional)
  • Continuation of table of contents, or blank (optional)
  • Prologue, Introduction or Preface


Body – The body of your book should be broken into individual Chapters


Back Matter – Back matter consists of the following pages, note that like front matter these pages should have no header, footer, or folio

  • About the Author (optional) – Your author biography
  • Preview (optional) – A preview of an upcoming novel


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