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Cover Design

When it comes to marketing your book, one of the most important promotional pieces you can create is a solid, eye-catching cover. In a Brick and Mortar store, your covers (front and back) are the first attraction for a potential reader. Online, a covers importance is often magnified.

With the advent and growth of online sales, you will want to ensure that your cover looks good not only on the book but as a thumbnail image as well. If potential readers can’t see your cover or read the title in a thumbnail image then it is not going to entice them to click and read more.

So how do you design a cover?


Create your own

If your proficient in any graphics software and you have an artistic background then you can attempt a full wrap cover on your own. Download the cover specifications (including spine width calculation) from your POD provider and start creating. Make sure you pay close attention to bleed specifications and out of live margins as most POD providers will have very specific guidelines for these.


Automated Systems

Most POD providers also offer an automated cover design system. Theses can be very easy to use and take a lot of the work out of cover design. They also take a lot of the art and ability out of it as well. They limit your ability to set up the cover exactly how you wanted and most have a very limited number of images to choose from (some do allow you to upload your own). The limited imagery and design capabilities of these system can often make your book, look and feel, exactly like someone else’s. In a field of tens of thousands of books, I would suggest that you are better served by making yours stand out as an original unique design.


Cover Design services

Of course you can always outsource your cover design to a professional. There are hundreds of providers online with vastly varying prices. As with any service, I would suggest looking into the provider and their portfolio carefully before making a decision.


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