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R. C. Butler

Upcoming Release

bioUnbound – R. C. Butler – Spring 2015

Independent author, R. C. Butler announced the expected publication date for his newest novel, “Unbound”, for the spring of 2015. Butler, known for his active membership on the self-publishing forums, released his first novel, The Order, in December of 2012. For the his latest work, he has broken out of his comfort zone, setting aside the Fantasy genre and diving into the first of what he anticipates to be a series of Erotic Mysteries.

“Unbound” follows the life of Lieutenant Ellison Frost as she investigates the murder of a high profile socialite that is found dead in an extremely provocative position. As the case pushes into the reaches of the victims sexually deviant lifestyle, Frost must battle exposing her own private life and the duality  it has become.


About the Author

R. C. Butler, known for his active membership on the self-publishing forums, is a software developer, graphic artist, freelance writer, and poet. Born in Alberta, the need to create has been a running theme throughout his life. As an author, he has completed numerous freelance short stories and poems as well as developed and hosted an online writing community. He released his first full length novel, The Order, in the fall of 2012 and is currently working on an erotic mystery series.


In the Dog Pound with Bully – August 12, 2014

bioFirst off, welcome to the dog pound! Did you bring me a chew toy?

Sorry, no. I didn’t realize that was required.


bioYou’re not getting this off to a very good start. A lot of our readers are familiar with you from the self-publishing forums, give us a little insight into your background as a writer.

I’ve been writing pretty much my entire life, as a child it was an escape and it continues to be that today. I find it to be therapeutic and relaxing to sit down and let the thoughts flow onto paper, be it prose, poetry or just random jumbles that may someday take shape. Writing has always been there for me, but I had never considered publishing until I was nearly completed The Order. I began that project on a whim, stemming from an intro I wrote when I was twelve. That particular story had been on my mind since the day I’d written the intro but I’d never continued to write it. One day I realized I knew the entire story start to finish and decided to put pencil to paper. Five years later I was finally pleased enough with the first draft that I wanted to polish it and make a printed copy for my friends and family. That started me looking into printing options and down the path towards self-publishing.


bioWhat authors do you enjoy, who inspired you and influenced you as a writer?

That list seems to fluctuate on a regular basis but my leanings have always been towards fantasy or mystery. I suppose my favorite book, based on how often I read it, (aside from my own) is Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. I have an old beat up and dogeared, sorry no offence meant, copy that I pull out about once a year. As to influences, I don’t know if I really have any specific authors that I fall back on. I enjoy and respect a number of fantasy authors such as Tolkien, Eddings and Martin but my own style is very different. My stories tend to be character driven with less descriptive narrative. I thrive on writing emotion and subtext while I struggle with action.


bioWhat made you step away from the fantasy genre to pursue your current series?

After five years encompassed in fantasy with The Order, I really just wanted a break, something different. I started a few pieces, wrote a couple short stories trying to find something that would click and inspire me but it wasn’t there so I put down the pencil for about six months and started to read again. On a whim (possibly too much wine or not enough sleep) I decided to read Fifty Shades. I found it, odd. The characters didn’t feel true to themselves and I really didn’t feel that James did justice to the nature of the dom/sub relationship. I felt it could be explored in a much more intriguing way so I started to write a series of fantasy sequences that focused on that exploration. I really enjoyed them and started to think about how to turn them into something that could qualify as a book. I didn’t want to write a love story but did want to explore the relationship dynamic within something more structured, especially the duality of a sexually submissive that is a class A personality. Ellison Frost was born and the book grew from there.


bioYou’ve given yourself a spring 2015 deadline for Unbound, why so quick if you’re still working on the first draft?

The Order took me five and a half years to write and publish because I really didn’t have a goal or deadline in mind. I was just writing it for myself. With Unbound, I went into the project knowing that I wanted to publish so I had a goal. I am strong believer that if you wish to achieve a goal you need to set milestones and deadlines to push yourself towards. The spring deadline is tight but I am on track. I’m three quarters of the way through the first draft and plan to have it complete by the end of August.


bioOnce Unbound is on the shelves, what’s next? Will you be continuing the series or will you be pursuing the sequel to The Order?

Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. Right now I am focused on Unbound and I see great potential for a series there. I do have a sequel to The Order mapped out but I still haven’t decided if I will pursue it. The book works as a standalone piece. I have also discussed a possible collaboration piece that would be a spin off to Unbound though not a direct sequel. It’s a decision I am not likely to make until I have put Unbound to bed, so to speak.


bioTell us a little about your writing process. Do you have a routine you stick to when working on a new project?

My process is organized chaos. I write on the strict schedule of “when I feel like it”. Luckily, I enjoy it immensely so those times come often. A lot of The Order was written on beaches in Maui and the entire first draft was done in a series of leather journals. I love to write my drafts by hand as it seems to lend a more peaceful element to the process. Transcribing, however, was a nightmare with The Order so I have moved back into the modern era and Unbound is being drafted in Pages on my various computers and iPad.


bioAs I mentioned earlier, you are quite active on the self-publishing forums. How did that involvement come about?

That really stemmed out of researching the industry in order to self-publish The Order. I found a number of very helpful people on the forums that were invaluable to the process. As I began to learn I felt it was only fair that I share that knowledge with other that were in the situation I was when I started. I find the forums to be an invaluable tool to the process and while I am often on the teaching end of things nowadays I still learn something new every time I’m on them. I would suggest that anyone looking to self-publish take advantage of the online communities that are out there to support them.


bioAny parting thoughts for our readers?

To those of you that love to write, WRITE and enjoy the ride. For the readers, there are some absolutely amazing independent authors, keep your eyes out and support them when you can. You have no idea how much your feedback means to us. Thanks for having me, Bully!



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