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Michelle Murray

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bioThe Dream Walker – Michelle Murray

The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series is a science fiction fantasy book for young adults. Once upon Mystica there were six wizards, three light, and three dark. One day, one of the dark wizards Midnight said a spell to trap the fellow wizards. The spell went astray, and all the wizards including Midnight were trapped in stones. Now, one curious boy find one of these stones and releases Midnight. Midnight is loose on Mystica and he is gathering an army and planning a war. Miranda is having dreams of Mystica. She is a Dream Walker. Her dreams lead her to travel to Mystica to find and release the one wizard that can stop Midnight, Lightning. Follow Miranda through the Plains, The Ice Caves, The Forest of the Lost, and The Dragon’s Lair on her quest. Can she find and release Lightning and save the land of Mystica?

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About the Author

Michelle Murray is a married working mother of two very fine young men. She has been writing since high school. In high school and college she won numerous awards for her poetry and short stories. She continued to write here and there despite people telling her to stop as it was a waste of time. She had several poems published in anthologies. Now that her boys are older, she pursuing her dream of becoming a known author. She has always enjoyed science fiction/fantasy and children, so she combined her two loves and wrote a science fiction/fantasy book for young adults.

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In the Dog Pound with Michelle Murray

bioMichelle, welcome to the Pound. Feel free to grab a puppy on the way out.I understand that The Dream Walker is your first full length fiction novel, how did the story come about and what made you decide to take the plunge into publication.

The story of The Dream a Walker came from a combination of ideas about dreams, mists, and other worlds. It has been a dream of mine to publish a book for a long time. I won numerous awards for my poetry and short stories in high school and college. I put my writing dreams aside to raise my two wonderful sons. Now that they are older, I decided to try to fulfill my own dreams. I’ve always loved science fiction/fantasy and children, so I decided to write a science fiction/fantasy book for children.


bioTell us about your writing process, what sticks out as the one key element driving you forward?

I guess for me the one thing that drives me forward is just to keep writing no matter what other people say. People have told me it’s a waste of my time and to stop, but it’s a passion of mine. To me to stop writing would be like telling the sun not to shine or the Pope not to pray.
Some days I write a little, some a lot but I always keep writing.


bioI understand this is your first foray into self publishing as an independent author, what made you choose this path and what obstacles did you encounter along the way?

I chose self publishing to fulfill my dream of being a published author. Even though I had some poems and short stories published they were always in anthologies. I never had anything under just my name. I wanted to get my name and story out there. I believe in my story and writing, and thought if I could just get it out there it could be read and enjoyed. I didn’t realize how hard you had to work, marketing, emailing, writing letters, etc to get the book noticed. The biggest obstacle I would say is time and money. I am a working mother of two young men as mentioned before. So between school, band lessons, work, housework, and other miscellaneous stuff I don’t have as much time as I would like to market myself and my book. I find online communities like Create Space and Amazon central to be very helpful with ideas and places to look, go to market my work. There are many websites out there willing to market the book for you, for a price, but since I have like no budget for marketing I find myself turning to free tools like Facebook and Twitter.


bioWhat advice would you give those looking to follow in the same path?

I would give the advice of do your research, and write, write, write! Join online writing communities and or websites or an in person one. The online ones work great for me as I can read them as time allows. Put yourself out there in as many places as you can! At first I was leery about this, but the more people that know about you and your work the more people will read it!


bioThe fantasy genre gives you great leeway in character creation, were there any specific people, real or fictional, that you drew on for inspiration?

I think I drew on myself for the character Miranda. I wanted her to be strong and yet subject to emotions like love, hate, forgiveness. I also drew from my sons for the wizards.


bioThe Land of Mystica seems ripe for a continuation of the series, what do you have planned next? Can the readers expect a sequel?

I am working on two sequels, one which is almost complete. Miranda returns to Mystica, this time to battle the Darkness as well as the wizard Shadow. Will her new boyfriend Brian help or hinder her progress? In the third book, we follow Mortimer the boy who started this all by finding and releasing Midnight. He goes on a last fishing trip,with his foster father before journeying to find his real father. Only his real father finds him first. Who do you think Mortimer’s father is? Stay tuned. The third book takes us to the various islands on the Ocean of Mystica, and all of our favorite characters return. What has happened to the dragon Skye or The wizard Lightning? Read on to find out.


bioThanks, so much, for joining us. Any parting words for the readers?

Parting words to my readers please feel free to post pictures, comments, questions on my The Dream Walker Land of Mystica Facebook page! I would love to see them!



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