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Kristine Akenson

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bioDating 101 – Kristine Akenson

Have you ever been out with someone and not realized it was a date until the other person pointed it out to you? Have you ever tripped and spilled something all over your date? Or perhaps, you always seem to attract the strange or unusual when it comes to dating prospects. If so, you may be none other than a Dating Dork. So how does a dating dork handle their new life? Drink a lot of wine, research like crazy, and finally bumble your way through some spectacular dates on your way to dating success.

Dating 101: A Dating Dorks Re-Entry Into The Dating World is a humorous look at divorce and the new dating world.

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About the Author

bioKristine Akenson has been telling stories for years, mostly bedtime stories with varying results, but she has always dreamed of sharing her stories as a career.

Besides her love of reading and writing, Kristine is a passionate swimmer who after deciding to try her hand at triathlon’s also fell in love with running. Many stories and book ideas have been composed while she was either in the pool or out pounding the pavement on an early morning run. But, most of her best ideas were stories she told herself while falling asleep.

Kristine currently lives in Bend, Oregon with her awesome husband, their three children, a couple of cats, and a lizard, all of which keeps her house busy, entertaining, and never truly clean.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KristineAkenson


In the Dog Pound with Kristine Akenson

bioKristine, welcome to the ‘Pound’. Must be nice to get away from those grrr ‘cats’ I’ll try not to be too ruff on you. Dating 101 is a humorous and poignant look at dating after divorce. What made you decide put it out there for the masses?

Thanks for having me and for the break, cats can be great but I will admit that the lizard Steve is my favorite.

Dating 101 started as me telling my family stories about some of the different encounters I was experiencing as I started my own dating journey after a mid-life divorce. They found so many of them funny, after all I am a self-proclaimed dating dork, that I decided it would be fun to share.


bioSo how much of the book is based on your own personal experience and how difficult was it to shed the insecurity and let the world see it?

After reading my first final draft, my husband commented that “it felt like I was reading your diary”, and in many ways it is very personal. But, I will be happy to say that many of the really crazy experiences were simply products of my very active imagination.


bioIf you had to give one piece of advice to the ‘Dating Dorks’ just getting back on their feet, what would it be?

Learn to laugh at yourself, so often we take ourselves too seriously and don’t forget that everyone, no matter how awesome they are, have dorky moments. My son was actually the one that helped me learn not to worry so much about what others think of me. Live and laugh should be everyone’s motto.


bioHas it worked out for you or are you still looking for that perfect match?

I’m happy to say it has and amazingly enough, my husband even swears that he never saw me do anything dorky while we were dating.


bioThe advent of print on demand has made it so much easier for authors to get their work out there, what made you decide to self-publish and what were the biggest obstacles in doing so?

I loved the ease of self-publishing, not that it is really easy just that I was terrified of all of the “no’s” that might have happened by going to a publisher. Because Dating 101 is so personal for me, having someone tell me it was awful scared me to no end. Of course, not having a publisher means that I have to go out and market all on my own, which also terrifies me. I would have to say that has been my biggest obstacle, learning to self-promote.


bioNow that your first book is published and on the shelves, what’s next?

I’m currently working on a book called “Crying in the Car” which is a story about mother-daughter relationships and I’m pushing for a May 1 release date. After that I want to try my hand at some romantic suspense novels that I have been playing with for years.


bioAny final words for the readers?

Live, laugh, read. I guess I will have to revise my motto.



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