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Jeanette Vaughan

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bioWaiting in the Wings – Jeanette Vaughan

Released June 23, 2014

Honor, courage, commitment. …a naval aviator’s ideals. As an adopted child, Jana Sears grew up believing them. Searching her face in the mirror, she wondered. Where did she come from? What was her true heritage? Was she truly part of the Deep South and her mother’s roots? She was born in Texas? Did her birthmother live here? They were questions that had haunted her for thirty years. Terrified to open Pandora’s box, but determined to find closure, Jana bravely delves into her past. She is stunned to find out that both her birth parents were pilots. But what kind of courage and honor was there in giving a new born baby away? Certainly not commitment. Sometimes, the choices we make in our lives have devastating consequences. Soar through this journey of love and loss, hope and fear, joy and pain as Jana navigates the secrets of her past to make peace with the turbulent present. Were the answers simply Waiting in the Wings?

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About the Author

bioJeanette Vaughan is an award winning writer and story teller. Not only is she published in the periodicals and professional journals of nursing, but also in the genre of fiction. Out on her sheep farm, she has written several novels and scripts. Her screenplay “Angel of Mercy” won the outstanding nursing research award from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. In addition, she was named Distinguished Alumni for the school of nursing in 2001 for her written work and volunteerism for the Sydney Olympic Games. Her debut novel FLYING SOLO won fourth place in the 2013 Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards for southern fiction. FLYING SOLO also was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards. Her second novel, SOLO VIETNAM was just awarded the silver medal for historical fiction by the Military Writer’s Society and is nominated for a Reader’s Favorites award in Military Fiction . Jeanette has practiced nursing in the fields of critical care and trauma. She is the mother of four children, including two Navy pilots. She lives in a Victorian farmhouse out in the pastures of northeast Texas with her sheep, chickens, donkeys and sheep dogs.

Jeanette Vaughan’s storytelling talent once again soars in Waiting in the Wings (July 2014), the third novel of her award-winning Nora Broussard trilogy. In the first two, Flying Solo and Solo Vietnam, our intrepid, feisty, heroine from New Orleans becomes an aviatrix, falls madly in love with Steve Novak, her flight instructor, and then stuns her family and friends when she joins the USO and goes to Vietnam in the midst of the war to search for him when he is missing in action. With her vivid descriptions of flying, both novels are cliffhangers that leave Vaughan’s readers hankering for more of Nora’s – and Steve’s – adventures. But this third literary offering is not so much about Nora and her deep love of flying and for Steve, but more about her fourth child born out of wedlock whom she is forced to give up for adoption just hours after giving birth.

An adopted daughter herself, Jeanette revealed in a phone chat how difficult it was for her to write this novel. Her straightforward writing style is lushly laced with a full gamut of deeply felt emotions that only someone who has in real life gone through Nora’s and Jana’s experiences – both together and apart – could truthfully and convincingly write about them. A tour-de-force during the first two-hundred or so pages, the last third of the book was a tear-jerking, double-ply tissue read, splendid in its descriptions of Nora and Jana literally and figuratively flying high through the ups, loops, and scary air-pockets of life as they learn what it really means to be both a mother and a daughter. And that life, to be savored and enjoyed as much as the deliciousness of this novel, is best lived to the fullest on one’s own terms.

Contact Information


Website – www.jeanettevaughan.com or www.ageviewpress.com

Facebook- www.facebook.com/jeanette.b.vaughan


In the Dog Pound with Jeanette Vaughan

bioWelcome Jeanette, it’s great to have you in the ‘Pound’. With the release of Waiting in the Wings earlier this year, you’ve knocked off the entire Nora Broussard trilogy in just over two years. When did you find time to sleep?

Writing is a passion. This story was just burgeoning to be told! So many women have related to this character, finding strength in her independent decisions and forthright manner. I just found I couldn’t stop writing it. I would love to have had the privileged of working on it full time. But I find I do my best work by just letting it flow. I takes me about a year to produce a quality piece of work from start to finish. I want to ensure the accuracy of the details and take the reader on a journey. No cookie cutters for me.


bioThe trilogy has been very well received and by both readers and critics, achieving some very impressive awards along the way. Was the reaction what you expected?

I have been so humbled by the reaction. With each book, there were parts that resonated. With the first book, FLYING SOLO I was so nervous the night before it came out. I thought it was a brilliant piece of work, but you still have to get it into the hands of the reader to be sure. I will never forget seeing a photographs posted on Facebook of one of my friend with the purchased book on her coffee table. Wow… did that ever make it real! Then, the five star reviews started coming in – I was thrilled.

But what really touches me most are the letters. I have heard from so many Vietnam Vets thanking me for telling their story in SOLO VIETNAM. The most moving one came from the wife of the Marine pilot, whose manuscript I based some of the flying sequences on. It helped me capture the experience of flying attack fighters and catapulting off a carrier. She was so moved by the book, that she wrote to thank me. Then, she humbled me even more by asking me to write his full manuscript into a memoir. I feel so blessed and honored!

When the Military Writer’s Society awarded the book a silver medal, well that was pure validation. When writing military fiction you have to get it right, I mean… those guys know! So again, I felt so relieved and validated.

With the conclusion, where all the questions are answered about that baby, I have already been approached by other women who have been a part of their own adoption saga. Chills went up my spine when I met another writer who had written a spiritual book about adoption. She asked me, “what are your books about? I’m not really into aviation.” She said she had been drawn to my table. I explained that the major themes were loss and love regained, an adoption story. She grabbed my arm and revealed, “Oh my stars. I am a birth mother.” and told me she fell in love with the books.

Although the international book awards are an honor, those are the moments that resonate!


bioI understand that the trilogy has a personal and emotional tie to your own life, could you tell us how writing it and its subsequent success has affected you?

I fell in love with independent spirit of the lead character in all three, Nora Broussard. She inspires me to challenge the norm and not take “No” for an answer. When I got to the third book, yes…the emotion of the story took hold. As an adopted child myself, I could so related to those moments. There were times where I was crying while I was writing. I laughed with these characters, share their hopes and dreams, their trials and tribulations. When I concluded the trilogy, I was almost sad. I will miss living vicariously through them.


bioYou made the decision early on to self-publish and take on the work required to get your project out there, what made you decide to pursue that route and are you glad you did?

When you are an unknown writer, it can be discouraging to get the rejection letters from the “Big Six” publishers and agents. Someone once said, as a new writer, you could paper your bathroom walls with the number of them that you get.

I previously owned a small company that produced educational video. So, I resurrected that corporation, recruited some fellow talented writers and asked what are we waiting for? Let’s do this thing. I love having the freedom and independence that Indie publishing offers. Especially the networking and cross promotion. Beats the heck out of the other route.


bioWhat advice would you give those looking to follow the path you have?

Make sure you do your homework! Research and investigate the market. If possible, hook up with a small press with an intimate cohort of talented writers. That way, you can cross promote each other. Small press is the way to go, it gets you into book festivals and doors otherwise not available. For example, Barnes and Noble Small Press.

I have learned from my own mistakes. Remember when you were helping me edit that first book? It was hilarious how green I was in the industry. I now know what professional services are worth every penny. Especially a great editor and book cover designer! No skimping there.


bioWith the trilogy now on the shelves, what’s next?

Currently, I am working on ETERNALLY AT WAR which Captain Robert Lathrop’s memoir. He was an A-4 pilot for the USMC out of VMA 311 in Chu Lai. It is very different writing a memoir vs fiction. I really have to be true to his story.

Then, the ground crews and carrier crews, many of whom are enlisted or non-commissioned officers want me to tell their story. I believe that will be called FINAL APPROACH.

And then, I am converting my screenplay ANGEL OF MERCY into a novel. So, as you can see there are lots of projects…WAITING IN THE WINGS…LOL…sorry couldn’t resist the pun.


bioAny final words for the fans?

First and foremost, thank you for the reviews and comments that are helping take this little series of books to the best seller lists. Treat yourself to a wonderful set of page turning books, all about New Orleans and the French Quarter! Take this journey and soar to new heights. Then buy them for Christmas presents. You won’t be disappointed!


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